Building the Future of Data for Those Who Work the Hardest


We like to joke internally that we are tech from a different type of valley. That tagline organically grew out of the original passion points of our founders that led to the creation of Parasanti. None of us are from Silicon Valley and we have all worked blue collar jobs. We are veterans and farmers; we have worked outdoors with our hands just as much as in front of a computer. These personal experiences provide understanding for the sector of society with jobs like these.

Our goal is to fundamentally redefine the future of data by making insight extraction, easy, accessible, and operational in no and low bandwidth environments.

Our Core Values:

Boldness – We were founded within the Department of Defense, tackling some of the most intense data analytic challenges on the planet. We approach every project like someone’s life depends on our solution working, because oftentimes it does.

Grit – Originally created for use by soldiers on patrol in some of the remotest places on earth our hardware is the most ruggedized edge device on the market today. As a veteran owned company, we have been the end users of tech which was not designed to work for us. Our solution is specifically designed for operators on the edge.

Trust – As a fully bootstrapped business to-date, we have built our success on the deep relationships and trust which our clients place in us. While our reputation often precedes us, our goal is to earn that trust anew for each new client for whom we work.

Vision – At Parasanti we are not about being the best edge computing solution on the market. We are about bringing a fundamentally different vision of data analytics to the table by using edge computing to redefine who, when and how data driven insights can be used to drive change.

Meet the Team

James Hancock Founder/CEO
Josh Seagroves Founder/CTO
Travis Clovis
Head of Product
Max Adams
Chief Strategy Officer
Carrie Horazeck
Head of Commercial Business