Clean Energy

I imagine a world in which AI is going to make us work more productively, live longer, and have cleaner energy.” – Fei-Fei Li

Enhancing grid resiliency through cutting edge solutions which bolster our energy tools today while building the digital energy architecture of tomorrow.

Whether your data originates on a windmill, an oil rig, or a nuclear reactor, Parasanti’s hardware and software can be at the edge to process your data and generate insights. We specialize in autonomous processes in network constrained environments, and are able to generate real-time insights to alert users, while simultaneously triggering autonomous processes. NightFall can pull in data from any existing sensor and provide real-time insights.  This predictive maintenance will increase productivity by reducing downtime and identifying system failures before they happen.

Combating cyber attacks on the grid

Our system was built from the beginning to meet NSA security standards. While there are myriad companies out there today focused on creating a secure environment in the cloud. Parasanti has taken a different approach. We bring the cloud to the edge. Our data ingestion and filtration protocols enable us to disperse data into numerous places, solely analyze the key pieces needed for the insight required and send only the filtered, enriched version back to the cloud. It is infinitely more difficult to attack a data set that is dispersed than one that is centralized.

The underlying software can be put into a read only state while the hardware is encrypted with GPS geofencing as the data is in flight and at rest. Should any of our devices be physically stolen, we can remotely implement a full wipe of the system to ensure data security.

Enhancing grid resiliency

Our solution is built with the climate of tomorrow in mind. Founded within the DoD for use by soldiers on patrol in some of the remotest places on earth, the Parasanti Dawn hardware device is the most ruggedized edge device on the market today. Operational in the wind,rain, snow, and heat the device will run down to –55F and up to 150F and has no moving parts which could easily break. In addition, the software is equipped with a full DevSecOps implementation, meaning that it can use predictive analytics to determine if a piece of machinery is about to overheat or malfunction and preemptively shut it off, then turn it back on when the conditions are more favorable. Dev/sec ops also enable the device to self-fix in certain situations, reducing the need for a technician.