FOD - Foreign Object Damage

As the Internet of Things advances, the very notion of a clear dividing line between reality and virtual reality becomes blurred, sometimes in creative ways.” – Sir Geoff Mulgan

Airfields are mission critical assets to the success of many of the United States’ operations. Airfields are also incredibly busy, intense, and sensitive environments that require real-time monitoring. The mere introduction of an obstacle to the environment can cause delays in operations, damage to vehicles/aircraft, and even result in death. The importance and sensitivity of airfields requires a more sophisticated model for identifying and mitigating potential risks stemming from weather, debris, and unforeseen circumstances.

Parasanti proposes an integrated suite of sensor, edge computation, data integration software, and AI/ML algorithms designed to identify and generate alerts for potential foreign objects/obstacles to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) end users with a seamless and easily understood end user interface.