The data is yours, why shouldn’t you own it?

Parasanti NightFall is the backbone of our solution and is one of the most sophisticated data integration tools on the planet, designed to connect to virtually any data source, clean the data, and deliver production ready insights instantly.

NightFall was designed with modularity and flexibility in mind to ensure that it works with existing and future technologies.

NightFall offers full data lineage and provenance to ensure that each and every data point and insight can be traced back to its source rapidly and securely. This degree of security ensures data integrity and delivers a layer of protection against potentially malicious manipulation of the data.

NightFall’s ability to integrate multiple data sources and feeds in an open standards architecture has the capability to process geospatial data and georeferenced imagery for both commercial and DoD sectors.

NightFall has the added ability to fuse sensor, and diagnostic data and synchronize it into existing platforms and applications delivering real-time insights directly to you.