The danger in this world is knowing enough about a subject to think you are right. But not enough to know you are wrong.” – Neil Degrasse Tyson

Whether gathering data inputs for scheduling or providing push notifications to the end user, the foundational need for data to be orchestrated and deliver real-time insights is the same. Parasanti designed a scheduling application from the ground up that enabled the Air Force’s 91st Missile Maintenance Squadron mission success.

Parasanti utilizes its suite of software tools to help make scheduling more effective and more efficient for all users, we call this solution the Integrated Maintenance Information Dashboard (IMID) platform. The backbone of IMID is Parasanti NightFall which connects to the various forms of scheduling inputs that the schedulers utilize to create their schedules, combines all of the various inputs, and creates a single pane of glass schedule to have a much more sophisticated delivery process.

The machine learning functionality built into Parasanti NightFall also ensures that the most optimized schedules can be created utilizing various external outputs including weather, social media, and virtually any other type of data source. Parasanti NightFall is all about the data, making it so the scheduling applications are all utilizing the same data regardless of where the creator of the schedule enters the information.