We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars. Now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.” – Interstellar

Space is a fundamentally different type of operating environment; performance constraints change rapidly and dramatically. In addition to extreme cold and heat, radiation is a constant challenge. Power is finite and hardware is often a long way away from its original power supply. Maintenance is complicated by sheer physical distance and/or lack of device specific technical knowhow from the astronaut team engaging with the tech.

To operate effectively in space, solutions must be able to withstand extreme temperature shifts and radiation exposure, operate for a long time on low or self-renewing power, and have the ability to fix themselves.

SpaceGhost brings all of the bells and whistles of our earth-bound solution to a hardware upgrade designed to excel within the unique operating environment of space. The hardware has no moving parts, conduction cooling, error correcting memory, and is encased in heat sink metal plates to withstand the impact of EMI. 

Our software has been layered with a full dev/sec ops approach, enabling the device to shut off in the presence of extreme heat, turn back on when conditions are more favorable, and even to fix itself. If a line of code fails, the hardware can change it and retry. We have also partnered with a leading-edge battery developer, Direct Kinetic Solutions, to fit the device with an isotope enabled battery which acts as a mini nuclear reactor device charger.