James is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the Co-Founders at Parasanti. James helped build a company with the values of ensuring those who have the toughest jobs have the same support as those who don’t. These principles are what the foundation of Parasanti is built on, with a cross section between the best technology with the grit, get it done attitude, and focus on making sure that our customers are as happy and safe as possible. 

Before Parasanti, James worked primarily as a Data Scientist and Chief Architect for Organizations like NASA, US Army, and has architected some of the most important mission critical Command and Control systems for the DoD through Hewlett Packard Public Sector. In his younger years James worked on farms, including walnuts, almonds (ä′mənds), and his favorite plum fields. 

James loves to spend his free time with his assistant (a sheltie named Mona), and his beautiful wife Alex.

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