CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)

Max is the Chief Strategy Officer at Parasanti, where he works to drive strategic lines of effort across the business and work with industry partners to bring the future of data and edge computing to our clients in the Public and Commercial spaces.

Previous to Parasanti, Max was a prior end-user of the same type of technologies he works to deliver to our clients today. Max worked out of Fort Bragg, NC as a Civil Affairs Soldier for USASOC where he led cross-functional teams focused on integrating cutting edge intelligence technologies into SOF operations. While serving in this role, he had the opportunity to work hand in hand with industry partners’ product teams to develop tailored solutions for Operators on the ground.

Max has worked in and out of Latin America and the Carribean both as a Soldier and before working with a seed stage start-up in the wine industry. He’s passionate about international development in the LATAM region, wine, and can be found perusing the East Side of Austin looking for the perfect tacos. (Hint: It’s Granny’s Tacos)

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